Venture Capitalists Join NFT Tech Team

VYSYN and DuckDAO founders join NFT Tech team and advisory board

Non fungible tokens (NFTs) are shaping up to be the most important asset class for the future of digital assets. In 2021, NFTs have soared in value and are finding broad use cases among digital artists, globally recognized enterprises, and A-list celebrities.

However, in its current state, the NFT market remains inefficient and illiquid. NFT Tech is advancing the market structure by launching the first matching engine for NFTs that can be adopted by any NFT exchange.

Venture capital companies VYSYN and DuckDAO recognized the enormous potential and need for the NFT Tech solution and provided early stage investment allocations to the project. VYSYN and DuckDAO members have since decided to play a more active role in the success of NFT Tech.

Kris — founder and CEO of VYSYN Ventures — will join the executive team of NFT Tech and bring his decades of career experience as a tech entrepreneur to NFT Tech. Kris has acted as a successful venture capitalist in the cryptocurrency space for the past six years and foresees NFT Tech evolving to rank among large-cap cryptocurrency projects.

Development, design, and content marketing will all be streamlined with the addition of Kris to the executive team. Kris has access to a wide network of top-tier cryptocurrency professionals and is aware of what’s needed to deliver a successful market launch.

Ken and Lucas — founders of DuckDAO — will join the executive team and advisory board of NFT Tech. DuckDAO are veterans in digital asset project incubation, and have guided some of the most successful fundraising rounds and market launches.

Kris, Ken, and Lucas will bring invaluable experience and considerable resources to the NFT Tech team. All foresee the NFT market becoming bigger than the combined altcoin market cap and are committed to ensuring that NFT Tech becomes the infrastructure that is at the centre of the NFT Tech market.



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