NFT Tech Private Sale Partners

NFT Tech onboards key strategic partners during private sale rounds

NFT Tech recently finalized its private fundraising rounds. There was enormous demand to participate in these private sale rounds. NFT Tech selected only the most committed investors who shared NFT Tech’s long-term vision of radically improving the NFT marketplace structure.

As it stands, the NFT marketplace is largely illiquid, consisting of fragmented exchanges with widely different storage and trading capabilities. NFT Tech is launching the first NFT matching engine that can be adopted across these exchanges, enabling consistent and seamless trading throughout the NFT market. Moreover, NFT Tech will embed incentives for market makers to allocate liquidity to pockets of the market that would have previously been illiquid.

NFT Tech is thrilled to have found invaluable private sale investors who share our vision of advancing the NFT marketplace. The private sale was oversubscribed and NFT Tech carefully chose only the participants who were committed to supporting the NFT Tech project long-term and would contribute to the success of the technology. Here’s a preview of some of our private sale participants and why they were included in the sale.

VYSYN Ventures is a Asia-based VC company that has an exemplary track record of investing in only the most promising cryptocurrency projects. In addition to allocating capital to disruptive startups, VYSYN also brings its supported projects through a proven incubation program which optimizes marketing efforts and helps grow communities and brand advocates.

The Moon Carl is one of the biggest influencers in the cryptocurrency market. Carl has a combined audience of over 600k followers between YouTube and Twitter. Carl recognized the long-term potential of NFT Tech and secured an allocation in the private sale rounds. Carl’s participation in the round brings the potential that he will detail the NFT Tech project to his wide audience. Such an event would radically improve NFT Tech’s promotion efforts.

Orion, the team behind the cutting-edge Orion Protocol trading terminal, will serve as an advisor and tech contributor to NFT Tech. Orion has built the most comprehensive trading terminal for cryptocurrency asset traders. Their tech expertise will be invaluable while designing and deploying the NFT Tech liquidity engine.

The Dutch Crypto Investors, a collection of veteran cryptocurrency investors from The Netherlands, will provide critical assistance with NFT Tech’s entry into the European market. The Dutch Crypto Investors are deeply immersed in the European cryptocurrency market and their expertise will help NFT Tech secure users in this region.

Blocksync Ventures is a long-standing cryptocurrency VC company that has invested in some of the most high-performing cryptocurrency startups. Blocksync also provides strategic guidance and assistance to their supported projects. With years of successful investment activity in the cryptocurrency market, the Blocksync team will be a pillar partner throughout NFT Tech’s journey.

Cryptocurrency exchange Hotbit was among the private sale participants. As the NFT Tech project advances, it will be important that the NFT Tech token is listed on liquid marketplaces. Hotbit is a partner which can provide strategic guidance while pursuing such listings and may consider listing the NFT Tech token on it’s own exchange in the future.

A diverse pool of community derived funds also allocated to the NFT Tech private sale. Decentralized autonomous organization DuckDAO was among the private sale participants and represented a wide variety of retail investors who gained allocations indirectly through the DuckDAO platform. It was an imperative of NFT Tech that retail investors would also have access to the private sale and we were thrilled to have DuckDAO and their associated retail investors among the participants. DuckDao is the leading incubator of NFT Tech. The founding team of DuckDao joined the NFT Tech Advisory and Executive Board.

This was only a sample of the outstanding companies and individuals who participated in the NFT Tech private sale rounds. The full list of entities can be viewed from the header image in our last article. With the private sale rounds complete, NFT Tech has set the foundation for success. With the guidance and assistance of our strategic partners, we will progress towards disrupting the entire NFT marketplace.



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