NFT Tech Omega is Launching NOW

The Top 50 NFT Tech stakeholders and central community members will have first hand access to the Grand Omega Release

Our time to launch is coming closer than you think, but before we go live, we need to run some final checks. And as a decentralized NFT project, we’re opening up the Omega Release for key stakeholders to take part in. This includes the most active and constructive participants in telegram, to influencers and investors who believe in the vision of NFT Tech. Below are the stages we will need to meet in order to reach the dual launch stage. This will be a quick one.

As per the image below, the Rollout process is as follows:

Omega ➞ Alpha ➞ Beta ➞ Final rollout & Dual Platform Launch

But for this to happen, we need YOUR help. This is where we will be releasing the Omega (and further stages) for key stakeholders and retail investors.

Only 50 Spots are available for the Omega pre-alpha Release

Retail Access for Omega Release

The most active users in our community will be eligible to join the Omega pre-alpha. The selection process will be evaluated by your participation in the main Community telegram since its inception (and will be decided by the NFT Tech team) and have provided value to the community.

If you believe you’ve been a core contributor and have what it takes, sign up in the form below and we’ll process your application. The pre-alpha version will give community members the chance to experience the full functionality of the upcoming marketplace and most importantly, submit feedback on the platform for optimization. We don’t want to launch without having our platform polished from top to bottom. That’s where all help is welcome.

Sign-up for the Omega pre-alpha Below

If the embedded link doesn’t work ➞ SIGN UP HERE

The NFT Super Chain

As detailed in our previous article, the closed beta launch will begin this Friday. With the decision to deploy on the NFT Super Chain, users can easily host their own wallet where they can create and exchange NFT assets and also seamlessly trade between wallets at zero-fees. Allowing users to easily and quickly create and transfer NFT assets with zero costs. Assets can easily be withdrawn to addresses on the Ethereum blockchain for those that wish to hold and transact their NFTs onto another blockchain.

If a user intends to withdraw NFTs, our platform works seamlessly without a complicated bridge solution. The team has been working relentlessly to make NFT Tech a premium marketplace and the wait is almost over. But we need YOUR help to make it a success. So hurry now, join the Omega pre-alpha testing form, and let’s get this ship sailing!


For the chosen testers who can access the Omega pre-alpha site, the platform is currently on the Testnet network, in the event that a user tries to mint an NFT through the Ethereum network. You will be notified when we are fully migrated on the Live Ethereum network. Further, we are aware of several links that need updating. This among others will be rectified ASAP — but till then, we’re utterly thrilled to launch our Omega pre-alpha NFT Tech Marketplace

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