NFT Tech Innovation Paper

Creating NFT Market Structure 2.0

Introducing the World’s First NFT Matching Engine

In its current form, the NFT marketplace presents a myriad of challenges to NFT owners. Lack of liquidity ranks chief among these challenges. NFT owners can experience significant devaluations in their holdings and may be unable to sell their assets. Moreover, with fragmented marketplaces, NFT traders can struggle to secure a counterparty among the widely dispersed marketplace. With different marketplaces offering varying infrastructures for storing and sending NFTs, the imperative of securing a counterparty becomes complex.

Market Maker Activity and Yield Farming

Liquidity providers, market makers, can interact with the NFT Tech Liquidity Engine by providing liquidity at the lowest possible price of the NFT value distribution. By engaging in this activity, market makers have the possibility of buying the NFT asset for the lowest possible price. Following this, the NFT Tech Liquidity Engine can set the asset for sale at the average NFT price for this niche of NFTs among all major marketplaces. If this price is reached for the asset, the liquidity provider earns a return on the allocated capital.

NFT Valuation Calculator

NFT.Tech will also provide an NFT Valuation Calculator for those interested in getting a market-based valuation of NFT assets. The NFT Valuation Calculator will be particularly useful for prospective NFT buyers who wish to receive a data-based valuation before committing to a purchase. The NFT Valuation Calculator derives valuations from historical sales and the current market dynamics among the most well-known NFT marketplaces. By using the NFT Valuation Calculator, the risk of purchasing a worthless NFT approaches zero.

NFT Tech — Creating NFT Market Structure 2.0

NFT.Tech is committed to advancing the marketplace infrastructure for NFT trading. In its current form, NFT trading is fragmented among a myriad of marketplaces while lacking market makers and liquid bid-orders books. This presents countless challenges for NFT traders, raising the risk of their assets approaching zero and subjecting them to significant depreciation. The NFT Tech Liquidity Engine will be the first matching engine designed specifically for the NFT marketplace. By incorporating a sophisticated NFT evaluation algorithm and incentivizing market makers to allocate liquidity to the lowest possible values for NFT assets, the NFT Tech Liquidity Engine will advance the market structure for NFT trading.



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