🔥 NFT Tech Closed Beta to Launch on Friday

NFT Tech will launch a fully-functional beta-version of their marketplace this Friday

The NFT marketplace is ripe for disruption, with token holders needing an infrastructure that allows them to easily create, store, and trade their assets. Whilst several attempts at such protocols have been observed, none provide the all-inclusive infrastructure that’s needed to scale the NFT market. NFT Tech is responding to the market demands, and building a powerful ecosystem to serve as the one-stop shop for all NFT needs.

Underpinned by their own blockchain technology, a fully functional beta-version of the NFT Tech marketplace will be released this Friday. NFT Tech is building the next-generation of NFT infrastructure and the beta-version of this infrastructure will be accessible to certain NFT Tech community members.

The beta-version will serve as a testing ground for the NFT Tech platform. The team will use the beta-version to receive feedback on any issues while also taking requests for further functionality. The testing period will take place for a period of two weeks.

The NFT Super Chain

NFT Tech operates its own native blockchain — The NFT Super Chain — that allows users to easily host their own wallet where they can create and exchange NFT assets. NFT assets can be seamlessly traded between wallets at no fees. NFT Tech is the only NFT platform that allows users to easily and quickly create and transfer NFT assets with no cost. Moreover, assets can easily be withdrawn to addresses on the Ethereum blockchain for those that wish to hold and transact their NFTs on another blockchain.

The beta-version will give some community members the chance to experience the full functionality of the upcoming marketplace and submit their feedback on the platform. The release of the NFT Tech Super Chain is a huge step in the evolution of the NFT marketplace, with NFT holders no longer needing to cover the high costs associated with NFT creation and transfer.

The NFT Tech team is excited to share this fully functional version with the selected beta members — further details on beta access shall be released shortly!

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