NFT Tech and DigiCol Leverage Unique Features

Next-gen NFT platforms NFT Tech and DigiCol strategically partner to bring a significantly diverse experience to NFT market participants

Platforms NFT Tech and DigiCol are building the next generation of NFT creation and trading infrastructure. Both platforms facilitate frictionless NFT creation and liquid trading. These platforms will now form a strategic partnership to leverage the unique attributes of each.

NFT Tech and DigiCol intend to work together long-term to provide NFT market participants with a more diverse and inclusive marketplace experience. DigiCol users will secure unabridged access to the auction capabilities of the NFT Tech platform. Both NFT Tech and DigiCol NFT creators will now be able to easily auction their assets on the NFT Tech infrastructure.

As the strategic partnership evolves, both platforms will explore bringing further unique benefits to their collective users. Through this partnership, each platform can focus on strengthening the features that they currently offer as opposed to experimenting with rolling out new features. Any features that are unfulfilled by one platform will be met by the other.

There has recently been a drop in NFT trading volume but the foundation for a vibrant and sustainable NFT marketplace has been put in place. Steady NFT creation and trading activity has been coming from eclectic market participants including well-known enterprises and smaller-scale retail investors. NFT Tech and DigiCol are positioning themselves to be the leading infrastructure solutions for this new wave of NFT adoption. The strategic partnership between the two will further strengthen their positions as next-generation infrastructures.