Inside NFT Tech’s Fully-Fledged Marketplace for Art

We’ve just dropped our second marketplace video and we’re thrilled to share it with you, read on to find out more!

The next generation of NFT infrastructure is almost here. At NFT Tech, we have been working relentlessly to build a platform that allows users to easily create and trade NFTs. Our latest preview video showcases the key features of our upcoming NFT marketplace. If you’ve missed our first marketplace release, you can find it here.

Artists can easily submit a storefront within seconds. NFT storefronts allow creators to display and sell their NFT assets while also being able to promote their personal websites and social media. Those with attractive NFT assets in their storefront can build a significant following from fellow NFT Tech users. Storefronts that are followed can be easily found in a shortlist on the platform.

👛 NFT Tech Wallet

For further detail on ones’ assets, users can navigate to their NFT Tech wallet. Wallets display the key information regarding stored NFT assets and also allow users to send or withdraw assets. Sending and receiving NFTs has never been simpler! Those that wish to send NFTs from their NFT Tech wallet simply input the recipient’s email and voilà! All user transactions are recorded and can be viewed within the platform, with these transactions including both NFT creations and NFT sales.

👤 Personal Profiles

NFT Tech enthusiasts also have their own personal profile, including a bio that can be set according to users’ preferences. Sensitive details such as the connected wallet, password, secret seed can be viewed and managed from the settings.

Once a storefront application is approved, NFT users gain further control over their marketplace activity and how their assets are presented. Storefront banners and descriptions can be customized and NFT assets can be displayed and offered for sale to fellow users. Artists can therefore seamlessly view and set the sales specifications for their various assets. In the ever-expanding crypto realm, it only makes sense that NFT fans may handle payments in multiple currencies.

📅 Scheduled Drops

Scheduled NFT releases from the storefront are easily coordinated — known as drops, these scheduled releases create hype around an upcoming sale. Enthusiasts may also attach images, logos, animations, titles, and descriptions to their upcoming NFT sales.

Interested in what everyone else is doing? Well, NFT Tech enables simple tracking of upcoming drops managed by other users.

Completed storefronts will be displayed with cutting-edge design. From the storefronts, further information can be retrieved on the displayed NFT assets. Information consisting of previous owners, transaction history, and current bids are all easily accessible by clicking on the NFT asset of interest.

🌌 The Future

The NFT Tech marketplace will change the way that NFT assets are created and traded. With an extremely user-friendly layout, NFT Tech is destined to usher NFTs into the mainstream consciousness, appealing not only to a wider audience of cryptocurrency users, but to artists worldwide. To that end, NFT Tech aims to be the leading infrastructure catering for the rapid expansion of the NFT market through a fully-fledged infrastructure.

The Token launch is coming up sooner than you think. Keep your eyes peeled!

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