Exploring Our Achievements — The NFT Tech Super Chain

As you know, NFT Tech is rolling out an NFT marketplace that surpasses every other option available on the market.

NFT Tech’s liquidity matching engine allows you to trade NFTs at the fair market price, whether they’ve been minted on Ethereum or the Binance Smart Chain. No matter what stall in our modern technological Agora an NFT gets minted on, our oracle will find a fair price so our users have their fingers on the pulse of the market.

However, we’re not content with just offering the world’s premier marketplace for NFT trading, arbitrage, collateral-staking and digital display. So, we’ve gone and built our very own blockchain so our users can mint and store NFTs on our own ecosystem, further integrating usability with our thriving marketplace and putting more of the value of our user’s collections in their hands — and giving them the chance to unlock it.

The NFT Tech Super Chain — Utility Revamped

When choosing to mint your NFTs on the NFT Tech Super Chain, the process is free. Rather than nauseating fees acting as an impediment to digital creators unleashing their creativity to the max, or scaring away fantastic creators who would otherwise be all in on the NFT revolution, we welcome artists to come and mint their creations on our blockchain, safe in the knowledge there is a readily accessible marketplace in which to tout their wares. Moreover, trading internally is free, so creators can immediately profit from their creations, but also withdraw their collections to the Ethereum blockchain, saving money on fees. A smart contract burns the original NFT minted on the NFT Tech Super Chain, and mints it on the Ethereum network. We stand behind the digital art revolution and want to empower those looking for a way into the world to find their voice and show the world what they’ve got.

Our blockchain is fast, scalable, free and doesn’t preclude our creators from listing their NFTs on other blockchains either. We’ve been feverishly hammering away behind the scenes to get this blockchain up and running in a matter of months to make this opportunity happen. We know the time is now for artists to shine their light onto the blockchain economy and elevate us all just that little bit more, and NFT Tech’s new Super Chain gives them the tools they need to do it.

As we get closer to rolling out our all-inclusive NFT ecosystem, we welcome artists and collectors alike to join the non-fungible revolution!

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