NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are the latest darling of the crypto-revolution. Yet what exactly are these new cryptographic tokens and how have they exploded onto the mainstream with such force that everyone from Tim Berners Lee to Grimes to William Shatner is getting in on the act?

Is it all just a flash in the sizzling crypto pan? Or are we witnessing the birth of a nascent asset class that promises to store value, open up new artistic collections, generate new, intimate connections between artists and fans of their work, provide income to creators and, of course, give rise to…

As you know, NFT Tech is rolling out an NFT marketplace that surpasses every other option available on the market.

NFT Tech’s liquidity matching engine allows you to trade NFTs at the fair market price, whether they’ve been minted on Ethereum or the Binance Smart Chain. No matter what stall in our modern technological Agora an NFT gets minted on, our oracle will find a fair price so our users have their fingers on the pulse of the market.

However, we’re not content with just offering the world’s premier marketplace for NFT trading, arbitrage, collateral-staking and digital display. So, we’ve…

The NFT metaverse is coming, and to prepare, we would like to answer some of the frequently asked questions on our testing phases & the upcoming launch.

We understand that there have been a number of concerns within our community on the dual launch progress and dates, as well as additional questions. It’s time to clear the air and address the most common concerns amongst the NFT Tech community. Let’s jump right in 🤸‍♀️

1. Will $NFTT have a use case other than being a governance token?

It will primarily be a governance token to influence the future decisions of the NFT Tech platform. Additionally, token holders that are staking $NFTT will be…

In our previous article we’ve carefully selected 50 talented individuals who opted in for the NFT Tech testing crew. Here’s what’s been happening behind the scenes!

The 50 NFT Tech Omega testers that we’ve onboarded on the 22nd of July have been battle-testing the platform from the ins to the outs, alongside the cornerstone stakeholders and influencers. This is to be in line with the vision of users being able to easily purchase, sell, auction, create, and store unique pieces of artwork, certified via NFT Tech’s Super Chain.

🔎 The Current Stage

1. Search function is being implemented onto the platform

We are hard at work finalizing the search engine, as this allows…

We know there’s been tension in the community behind the results of the Omega Testers forms. Well, the wait is all over, as now…

🙌 The Chosen Ones

It’s been some time since we’ve given you, the community, a chance to be part of our pre Omega → Alpha → Beta testing crew, and that time has come to a close. Below, we have listed out, after deep consideration from the team, the users that have been whitelisted to have front row access to the development of NFT Tech, and to provide valuable feedback and report any bugs encountered.

To summarize, we were very much oversubscribed and truly appreciate the excitement! Please refer to the list to find if you have been selected:

@sarantium @memismo @BTCRUNNA @EurCrypt @Euphorical…

The Top 50 NFT Tech stakeholders and central community members will have first hand access to the Grand Omega Release

Our time to launch is coming closer than you think, but before we go live, we need to run some final checks. And as a decentralized NFT project, we’re opening up the Omega Release for key stakeholders to take part in. This includes the most active and constructive participants in telegram, to influencers and investors who believe in the vision of NFT Tech. Below are the stages we will need to meet in order to reach the dual launch stage…

NFT Tech will launch a fully-functional beta-version of their marketplace this Friday

The NFT marketplace is ripe for disruption, with token holders needing an infrastructure that allows them to easily create, store, and trade their assets. Whilst several attempts at such protocols have been observed, none provide the all-inclusive infrastructure that’s needed to scale the NFT market. NFT Tech is responding to the market demands, and building a powerful ecosystem to serve as the one-stop shop for all NFT needs.

Underpinned by their own blockchain technology, a fully functional beta-version of the NFT Tech marketplace will be released this Friday…

Next-gen NFT platforms NFT Tech and DigiCol strategically partner to bring a significantly diverse experience to NFT market participants

Platforms NFT Tech and DigiCol are building the next generation of NFT creation and trading infrastructure. Both platforms facilitate frictionless NFT creation and liquid trading. These platforms will now form a strategic partnership to leverage the unique attributes of each.

NFT Tech and DigiCol intend to work together long-term to provide NFT market participants with a more diverse and inclusive marketplace experience. DigiCol users will secure unabridged access to the auction capabilities of the NFT Tech platform. …

In this article we’d like to provide an update on the queries regarding NFT.Tech’s upcoming Token & Platform Dual Launch, and shed some insight on what’s to come. Read on to find out more..

💬 Foreword

We hope everyone is keeping well and safe during these trying times. We want to thank everyone in our community for your ongoing support!

Given the recent queries regarding our listing & launch date, we have some news to share.

We’d first like to mention that the current market conditions are an essential factor to account for when preparing launches, listings, and IDOs. The price action…

We’ve just dropped our second marketplace video and we’re thrilled to share it with you, read on to find out more!

The next generation of NFT infrastructure is almost here. At NFT Tech, we have been working relentlessly to build a platform that allows users to easily create and trade NFTs. Our latest preview video showcases the key features of our upcoming NFT marketplace. If you’ve missed our first marketplace release, you can find it here.

Artists can easily submit a storefront within seconds. NFT storefronts allow creators to display and sell their NFT assets while also being able to…

NFT Tech


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