In this article we’d like to provide an update on the queries regarding NFT.Tech’s upcoming Token & Platform Dual Launch, and shed some insight on what’s to come. Read on to find out more..

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We hope everyone is keeping well and safe during these trying times. We want to thank everyone in our community for your ongoing support!

Given the recent queries regarding our listing & launch date, we have some news to share.

We’d first like to mention that the current market conditions are an essential factor to account for when preparing launches, listings, and IDOs. The price action…

We’ve just dropped our second marketplace video and we’re thrilled to share it with you, read on to find out more!

The next generation of NFT infrastructure is almost here. At NFT Tech, we have been working relentlessly to build a platform that allows users to easily create and trade NFTs. Our latest preview video showcases the key features of our upcoming NFT marketplace. If you’ve missed our first marketplace release, you can find it here.

Artists can easily submit a storefront within seconds. NFT storefronts allow creators to display and sell their NFT assets while also being able to…

NFT Tech showcases their upcoming “Amazon for NFTs” marketplace

NFT Tech is shaping the next-generation of infrastructure for the NFT marketplace. To date, the NFT marketplace has consisted of exchanges with widely different rules and poorly designed interfaces. NFT Tech is launching a comprehensive platform where users can easily create and trade NFT assets.

The NFT Tech platform has been carefully designed to provide a frictionless UX experience for both experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Anyone familiar with using any ecommerce website will be able to easily navigate the NFT Tech platform. NFT Tech is building the Amazon for NFTs.

NFT Tech has released a preview video of…

NFT Tech to bring a new suite of tools to NFT creators as it quickly approaches launch

NFT Tech is developing the next generation of NFT marketplace infrastructure. Both the NFT Tech token listing and platform launch are quickly approaching and scheduled to occur within the next four to six weeks. The platform will launch alongside the NFT Tech token listing, allowing NFT Tech investors to immediately use their tokens in the NFT Tech ecosystem.

NFT Tech will launch its own blockchain with an infrastructure that allows users to easily create NFTs with no fees. Such a feature is widely demanded as NFT assets continue to proliferate and rise in value. …

NFT Tech onboards key strategic partners during private sale rounds

NFT Tech recently finalized its private fundraising rounds. There was enormous demand to participate in these private sale rounds. NFT Tech selected only the most committed investors who shared NFT Tech’s long-term vision of radically improving the NFT marketplace structure.

As it stands, the NFT marketplace is largely illiquid, consisting of fragmented exchanges with widely different storage and trading capabilities. NFT Tech is launching the first NFT matching engine that can be adopted across these exchanges, enabling consistent and seamless trading throughout the NFT market. …

NFT Tech onboards strategic partners during private sale fundraising

NFT Tech is building the future infrastructure of the NFT marketplace. As it stands, the NFT marketplace is deeply fragmented and illiquid. NFT assets have been recording extraordinary growth but the holders of these assets have historically been subject to sharp fluctuations in the value of their assets, or complete loss in some cases.

NFT Tech is addressing this by launching the first matching engine that can be adopted across the fragmented NFT markets. The matching engine technology will introduce market makers, bid-order books, and incentives for actors to allocate liquidity to the previously illiquid areas of the NFT market…

NFT Tech and Orion Protocol partner to launch the first oracle for NFT assets

NFT Tech and Orion Protocol have formed a strategic partnership to radically improve the state of the NFT market. As it stands, the NFT market is marred with low levels of liquidity and rudimentary valuation methodologies.

The Orion Protocol is the industry leading trading terminal for cryptocurrency market speculators. Orion’s trading infrastructure brings unmatched convenience to traders, enabling them to access crypto assets from various venues within a single interface.

NFT Tech is building the next-generation of NFT marketplace technology. …

VYSYN and DuckDAO founders join NFT Tech team and advisory board

Non fungible tokens (NFTs) are shaping up to be the most important asset class for the future of digital assets. In 2021, NFTs have soared in value and are finding broad use cases among digital artists, globally recognized enterprises, and A-list celebrities.

However, in its current state, the NFT market remains inefficient and illiquid. NFT Tech is advancing the market structure by launching the first matching engine for NFTs that can be adopted by any NFT exchange.

Venture capital companies VYSYN and DuckDAO recognized the enormous potential and need for the NFT Tech solution and provided early stage investment allocations…

The NFT Tech team expands with four DCI professionals bringing invaluable industry expertise

The NFT Tech team is expanding! Four professionals from the Dutch Crypto Investors (DCI) — a collective of veteran cryptocurrency investors from the The Netherlands — are joining the executive advisory board and becoming advisors of NFT Tech.

The NFT market has been soaring in both value and trading volume. NFT Tech is launching the infrastructure that will bring the NFT market into its second major epoch. By launching the first matching engine designed for the NFT markets, NFT Tech will bring vastly more liquidity and efficiency to the NFT marketplace.

These DCI professionals have recognized the immense potential of…

Insignius Capital and NFT Tech hold shared vision for NFT future

The Qatar branch of Insignius Capital, a digital asset focused venture capital company, has made a significant investment in NFT Tech. NFT Tech is building the infrastructure for the next major iteration of the NFT marketplace structure.

To date, the NFT market has been wildly inefficient and largely illiquid. The marketplace has been extremely fragmented with a myriad of exchanges providing widely varying trading environments. NFT Tech is changing this by launching the first NFT exchange matching engine that can be adopted across the current marketplace.

Insignius Capital has an exemplary track record of backing some of the most disruptive…

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